January Product Roundup

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We kicked off 2022 with some exciting new tenant experience features -- amenity management, delivery notifications,  & some popular customer requests fulfilled! Let's review, shall we?

🚚 Effortless delivery management!

Our new Deliveries feature can now be added to your Visitt platform and the Visitt+ tenant app.  It’s already become one of our most popular features -- your delivery room teams and tenants will thank you, trust us! 

Visitt Deliveries offers a fast, effortless way for your onsite teams to receive, document and update tenants about packages that arrive to your sites.  With support for external barcode scanners and automatic identification & tagging of the delivery courier, this feature will will turbo-charge your documentation process and save your onsite teams  a significant amount of time and effort, while minimizing human errors. 

Tenants will love the convenience of the real-time notifications they’ll receive for each new delivery that arrives.  They can also quickly see a running list of their deliveries and statuses (waiting for pickup and picked-up) in their Visitt+ tenant app. 

β€πŸš€ Amenity management in a click!


Skyrocket your tenant experience to new heights with our Amenity Management feature. Easily create new amenities in the Visitt platform by choosing from our built-in scheduling options, and in just seconds -- your tenants will be able to browse your amenity offering and request a booking  using their Visitt+ app.

Creating or editing your amenity offering in Visitt is simple and intuitive - you simply add a name, description, set the times that your tenants can reserve the amenity, and even add an optional booking fee. Tenants will see all available amenities in their Visitt+ app. They can book in just seconds by creating an amenity request in a click and selecting the desired time slot. Your onsite teams will receive an automatic notification to approve the request and finalize the booking, followed by an automatic confirmation for your tenant.

Managing or cancelling existing amenity bookings is also a breeze using two handy views - a list view of all pending booking requests, or a convenient calendar view to view all statuses. For customers with billing integrations, all costs will be visible in your records for seamless accounting.

‍πŸ₯‡ And last, but definitely not least, we released solutions for some of our most popular feature requests!

β€πŸ“ˆ Exportable data tables

Data analysis & report creation got better -- you can now export any data tables from your work orders, visits, documents, contacts, tenants, visitors, and sites.

πŸ“’ Enhanced broadcast messages

You can now add clickable url links to your broadcast messages.  Share important building news to all tenants, or selected custom groups of tenants in a click!

πŸ’¬ More collaborative work order chats

Connecting with team members & tenants is faster, simpler & more intuitive -- you can now easily tag team members in any work order chat, or choose which messages are sent to tenants only.


Questions? As always we're happy to help with any questions at bd@visitt.io .

See you next month!

‍❀️ Team Visitt


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