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Boost Your CRE Property’s ROI with Visitt’s Amenities Feature

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It’s no secret that staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. As organizations increasingly recognize the strategic importance of amenities, commercial CRE operators are seeking innovative ways to elevate tenant experiences and maximize returns on their investments. Visitt’s Amenities feature is a user-friendly and groundbreaking solution that propels amenities management into the future. With organizations investing significant resources in their amenities, the first impression tenants receive often comes from the tenant app. Visitt’s amenities feature allows your tenants to effortlessly browse your offerings, schedule amenities, get notifications and more via a single branded tenant app: Visitt+

Amenities as a Strategic Imperative

Elevating CRE properties to new heights, Visitt’s Amenities feature addresses the core pillars of success: revenue generation, tenant satisfaction, retention and acquisition.

Revenue Generation
Amenities are pivotal for today’s office portfolios, drawing businesses back into their buildings while heightening tenant satisfaction and retention. Beyond the evident benefits of delivering a seamless amenities experience, revenue generation is a compelling aspect. Visitt’s Amenities feature goes beyond enhancing traditional offerings like meeting rooms and event spaces; it opens up new possibilities. This feature allows commercial properties to expand their horizons, enabling them to not only make the most of their amenities bookings, but also offer additional valued- services. Whether it's office chiropractors, child care assistance for office events or transportation assistance, Visitt’s Amenities feature empowers commercial buildings to creatively offer comprehensive amenities and services, thereby unlocking diverse revenue streams.

Tenant Satisfaction and Retention
The correlation between amenities and tenant satisfaction, as well as retention, is undeniable. Visitt’s Amenities feature empowers users to customize their offerings according to the specific preferences of their tenants. Whether it's through customizable image galleries, flexible booking windows, time buffers, or maximum booking slots, the platform offers a comprehensive set of features aimed at enhancing the overall tenant experience. This amenity customization becomes a strategic tool for commercial real estate of all sizes to bolster tenant satisfaction and retention. Now, commercial buildings can provide personalized experiences that deeply resonate with their tenants, fostering a strong sense of community and loyalty.

Attracting New Tenants
In today's fiercely competitive commercial real estate landscape, building amenities play a pivotal role in attracting new tenants. With an abundance of options available, tenants are increasingly discerning, and the amenities offered can make all the difference in their decision-making process. From state-of-the-art fitness centers and modern conference rooms to innovative tech features and sustainable design elements, commercial building amenities are essential in setting properties apart from the competition. These amenities not only enhance the overall tenant experience but also serve as powerful marketing tools, showcasing the value and unique offerings of a property to prospective tenants.

The Future of Amenities Management

Similar to all of Visitt’s property management platform offerings, the Amenities feature is designed with user-friendliness in mind. However, it stands out by introducing a suite of features that revolutionize commercial properties offering and practices.

1. Create Stunning Image Galleries
Showcase your amenities in the most professional way by creating a beautiful image gallery of the amenities. The galleries are totally customizable to make sure your amenities shine in the eyes of your tenants.

2. Set Your Own Rules and Conditions
Visitt allows users to set specific rules and conditions for each amenity, ensuring optimal utilization and preventing conflicts. Customizable image galleries further enhance the presentation of amenities, providing a visually appealing showcase for potential bookings.

3. Tailor Your Booking Requests
Tailoring booking requests is made seamless with the addition of customizable booking questions. Visitt users can add layers to the booking process, gathering relevant information to better understand tenant needs and preferences.

4. Bill Your Extras
To capitalize on every opportunity, Visitt's Amenities feature introduces the option to make additional layers billable. By monetizing extra services, commercial buildings can significantly increase revenue while offering tenants a more comprehensive and convenient experience.

5. Amenities Report
The platform brings you a powerful reporting tool, featuring three insightful data charts that allow you to gain valuable insights either by amenity, by tenant or both. The data charts provide a detailed overview of booking trends over time, revenue generated from bookings, tenant engagement with the offered amenities, and more. This comprehensive feature empowers commercial property managers and portfolio owners with the data they need to optimize amenity usage and enhance tenant experiences.

Embracing innovation is key to success. Visitt not only aligns with the strategic goal of revenue generation, tenant satisfaction, and tenant retention but also propels commercial real estate into a new era of amenities management. CRE can now embark on a journey to bring the future of amenities into their buildings, unlocking unprecedented potential for growth and success.

If you're not a Visitt customer, contact our team to learn more about how we can help you boost operational efficiency and tenant satisfaction.

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