March Product Roundup

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Chances are, when your property operations run smoothly, you know. When things go wrong? You may not be the first to find out.  That’s what our March product releases focused on real-time, portfolio wide reporting that deliver results.  From reporting that lets you quickly spot areas for improvements and red flags, set service standards, manage team performance and more…

Let’s take a look…


🏙️ Portfolio Management Report

Visitt Portfolio Management Report


Our new Portfolio Management Report helps you quickly spot areas for improvement as they occur.  The report, which is shipped straight to your inbox every week, summarizes negative tenant reviews, inactive work orders, incomplete recurring maintenance tasks and more. You'll be able to view week over week trends and click through to your Visitt dashboards to drill down to the details - reading tenant reviews, and dive into the categories and assigned teams for incomplete work orders, inspections and preventative maintenance tasks. 

 The results are already in. Using this report, our customers have found that their teams are more proactive, responsive and have a better grasp of tenant needs and satisfaction trends.

📊 SLA Report

Property & portfolio managers take note! Our newest SLA report will enrich your service level benchmarking and live oversight by focusing on the key service metrics that move the needle when it comes to operational efficiency and tenant satisfaction.  The report allows managers to quickly and easily view trends across time, building by building or or portfolio-wide.

Key Metrics include  on-time vs past due work order completions, completed vs missed routine maintenance or inspection tasks and more.  All metrics can be further analyzed through clickable drill-downs to view performance of individual team members or completion timeframes.

Visitt SLA report


🧭 GPS Tracking

Assign team member GPS locations to work orders each time the service status changes.  You can even view all tracked GPS positions on a map through our work order status dashboard. 



Video Uploads

By popular demand, you can now upload videos to any work order or Routine task, or use in any o four chat-based workflows.  

See you next month!

❤️ Team Visitt


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